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Party, fun and entertainment in Quito, or just partying (farra) as it is called here, is the inevitable choice if you want to have fun and unforgettable experiences in the capital of Ecuador.


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Quito nights are the perfect moment to find places that change from day to night, places that have the magic that makes a Latin city something peculiar.


Quito night isn’t passive in any way. From Wednesday you can find people who go out looking for fun to one of the busiest areas of Quito: La Mariscal and its heart, Plaza Foch. But in addition to this nightlife role, Quito status as a city of lights and culture in America is reaffirmed every year with the number of major festivals and cultural events that take place in beautiful places like the reconstructed Teatro Sucre or the astonishing  Casa de la Música, Music House.


But Mariscal isn’t the single place where you can have fun in Quito. The whole city has its history and many places where hundreds of people come together to give a break in their daily activities and have a cool time with friends and family. For example:  the street La Ronda, after his last regeneration has become a major trade and entertainment street in the capital. Its location is in the historic downtown of Quito. This fact gives this place a colonial atmosphere, keeping the spirit as fun place where converge national people and foreigner to know the nocturnal Quito. The canelazos, live music, street performers, bars, karaoke bars, restaurants and craft shops make this place a multiple choice when you are walking at night.


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In Quito you can find many places to have fun. There are places that range from popular to exclusive, from classic to alternative.


The best known area for been nightlife district is  La Mariscal, a place where both Quito and foreigner people came,  with different tastes and preferences.


Other sector such as Guápulo and La Ronda are traditional and bohemian, a little more relaxed in relation to the Mariscal, with a trend to cultural.


La Ronda is a classic Quito street, one of the most memorable and iconic. Despite being narrow and not too long, is an icon of the city and has witnessed everyday and fundamental events that make Quito a cultural city.


A perfect place to find with nature without leaving Quito is theTeleférico, the perfect place for walks, get beautiful point views and feel the Andean moor.


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