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Quicentro Shopping

It is one of the busiest malls in Quito; in it you will find libraries, Sony Center, shops of exclusive designers, delicatessens, as well as fast food. It is located in an important commercial area from where are done the majority of commercial transactions in Quito.


Address: Av. Naciones Unidas, between, 6 de Diciembre and Shyris
Telephone: (+593-2) 2464 526
E-mail: shopping@quicentro.com
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday from 09h30 to 20h00
Fridays from 09h30 to 21h00

aturdays and Sundays from 09h30 to 20h00

Quicentro Sur

It is the Quito's largest shopping mall. It has a huge food court, as well as numerous shops, supermarkets, movie theaters, skating rink, games room, etc. There are always different promotions and artistic presentations.


Address: Av. Morán Valverde and Quitumbe Ñan.

Sector Sur, Quito, Ecuador
Centro Comercial Iñaquito (CCI)

This mall is located at the North of Quito, in an important financial area. It offers, among its main attractions, a multiplex cinema called multiplex, as well as the theater. You will also find shops of fashion, technology, as well as food court with a variety of fast food restaurants.


Address: Amazonas N36-152 and Naciones Unidas Avenue
Telephone: (+593-2) 225 5650 / 246 7947 / 246 7943
Email: servicioalcliente@cci.com.ec
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 09h30 to 21h00

Sundays from 09h30 to 19h00
Mall El Jardín

It is a shopping Center located in the heart of financial and commercial area of the city. The mall has a wide-ranging mix of locals and a large food court located on the third level, where you can choose between fast food, prestigious restaurants, and gourmet cafes.


Address: Amazonas N6-114 and Republica Avenue
Telephone: (+593-2) 298 0300 / 298 0301 / 298 0302 / Fax: (+593-2) 298 0299
E-mail: gmunoz@malleljardin.com.ec
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 20h30

Sundays and holidays: 10h00 to 19h30
San Luis Shopping

It’s one of the newest malls, characterized by its variety and style. You can find several exclusive shops, stores where you will find stuff for home, as well as a large place of food court.


Address: Cantón Rumiñahui, ciudad de Sangolquí, Santa Clara Avenue and General Rumiñahui Avenue
Telephone: (+593-2) 286 9480 / 1800 shopping (746774)
Email: supervisorsc@sanluisshopping.com
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 21h00

Sundays from 10h00 to 20h00
Condado Shopping

This Mall is located at the north end of the city. Recently built, has become an important trade point in Quito. It offers exclusive shops of clothes, household items, as well as multiplex, where you will find the latest premieres of the seventh art. In the same way, the mall has many chains of restaurants.


Address: Mariscal Sucre Avenue and Manuel Cordova Galarza Avenue. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 380 2400
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 20h00

Sundays from 10h00 to 18h00
Centro Comercial El Recreo

This Mall is located at the south of Quito. It takes its name from the neighborhood where it is located. Since its inauguration it has become an important commercial area for the citizens who live at the South of the city. In this mall you will find recognized fast food chains, shops, Bank, supermarket, as well as cinemas. With its several screening rooms the cinema offers to audience the latest premiers.


Address: Pedro Vicente Maldonado Avenue,  S11-122. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 266 6500 / 266 6501 / 266 6502 / 266 6503

Email: información@ccelrecreo.com
Ciudad Comercial El Bosque

It is located at the North of the capital, being one of the largest shopping centers in Quito, with more than 400 shops. It also offers 1,100 parking spaces, comfortable access, as well as spacious and comfortable circulation areas. Its stores vary between shops of clothes, appliances, home products, supermarket, etc. It also has food court where you will find a variety of options to eat.


Address: Occidental Avenue, and Edmundo Carvajal. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone (+593-2) 245 6333
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 20h00

Sundays from 10h00 to 19h00
Centro Comercial El Espiral

This Mall is located in the sector of La Mariscal, one of the busiest in Quito when you are looking for entertainment. Its shops vary among clothes, technology, network games, video stores, etc.


Address: Av. Amazonas and Jorge Washington. Quito, Ecuador.

Telephone: (+593-2) 256 6221
Centro Comercial El Caracol

This was one of the first modern shopping malls settled in Quito. Its particularity is its structure in a spiral, which puts at your disposal more than a hundred shops of clothes, shoes, perfumes, make-up, jewelry and silverware, among others. The building has a small restaurant on the top floor, a mezzanine, and inner elevator. It also has underground parking.


Address: Av. Amazonas y Naciones Unidas. Quito, Ecuador.

Telephone: (+593-2) 245 6691

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