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Since 1971 LibriMundi distributes a number of imprints and continues encouraging, through its cultural space, the debate on culture as well as the publication of texts that enrich the Ecuadorian library. This library has several branches to serve you.


Address 1: Juan León Mera N23-83 and Wilson, La Mariscal. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 1: (+593-2) 252 1606 / 223 4791 / Fax: (+593-2) 2234791
Email: librimundijlm@librimundi.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 08h30 to 19h30
Saturdays and Sundays from 09h00 to 14h00 / 15h00 to 18h00


Address 2: Quicentro Shopping, Naciones Unidas Avenue and Shyris. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 2: (+593-2) 382 4190 / 382 4181
Email: quicentro@librimundi.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday from 09h30 to 21h00
Fridays and Saturdays from 09h30 to 21h30
Sundays from 10h00 to 20h00


Address 3: Reina Victoria N24-150 and Calama, La Mariscal. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 3: (+593-2) 255 6428
Email: foch@librimundi.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 09h30 to 22h30
Saturdays, 11h00 to 22h30
Sundays 12h00 to 21h00


Address 4: Centro Cultural Metropolitano, García Moreno 887 and Espejo. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 4: (+593) 9831 0433
Email: ccm@librimundi.com

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 09h00 to 16h30

Mr. Books

Mr. Books is a library founded in 1998, dedicated to the distribution and marketing of books, magazines and related national and imported products. In Mr. Books they find variety of titles, approximately 104,000, more than 85 categories and also they are always at the forefront of news being the first ones to have them to customers.


Address 1: Mall El Jardín 3rd Floor, store 321. República N6-114 and Amazonas. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 1: (+593-2) 298 0281 / 298 0277
Email: mrbooksjardin@mrbooks.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 20h30
Sundays from 10h00 to 19h30


Address 2: Condado Shopping 3rd Floor, shop 365. La Prensa and Mariscal Sucre Avenue. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 2: (+593-2) 380 2071 / 380 2072
Email: mrbookscondado@mrbooks.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday from 10h00 to 20h30
Friday to Saturday from 10h00 to 21h00
Sundays from 10h00 to 20h00


Address 3: Centro Comercial Tumbaco, shops 9 and 10. Vía Interoceánica and González Suárez, in front of Vía Ventura. Tumbaco, Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 3: (+593-2) 237 3294
Email: mrbookstumbaco@mrbooks.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 09h30 to 20h00

Sundays from 09h30 to 19h00
Librería de la Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana

In this library you will find all the national literature production as part of the claim of art and culture in Ecuador.


Address: 6 de Diciembre Avenue and Patria, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Casona Vieja. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 290 2272
Opening hours:

Monday to a Friday from 08h30 to 16h30
Editorial Abya Ayala

This publishing house form part of the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana and is one of the busiest if you are searching literature regarded to social sciences. In Ecuador, its publications concentrated 70% of the editorial production of the country. Today, its catalog reaches over 1,600 titles that include nearly 4,500 articles, with 2,000 published authors, 320 of them indigenous authors.


Address: 12 de Octubre Avenue N23-116 and Wilson, beside Universidad Politécnica Salesiana. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 250 6247
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 18h00

Saturdays from 09h00 to 13h00
Librería Española

This library have 83 years of service to the culture and education of Ecuador, becoming one of the more important if you are  looking for literature.


Address 1: Colón E5-15 and Juan León Mera, La Mariscal. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 1: (+593-2) 255 2854 / 254 3164
Email: colon@libresa.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 19h00
Saturdays from 09h00 to 17h00


Address 2: 10 de Agosto #1233 and Santiago, El Ejido. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone 2: (+593-2) 222 2301 / 222 2258
Email: ejido@libresa.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 19h00
Saturdays from 09h30 to 17h00


Address 3: Centro Comercial Iñaquito (CCI), beside Banco de Guayaquil.
Telephone 3: (+593-2) 225 9595
Email: cci@libresa.com
Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 09h30 to 20h30
Sundays from 09h30 to 19h00

Oficina Central: Murgeón Oe3-10 and Ulloa
Telephone: (+593-2) 252 5581

E-mail: info@libresa.com

Librería Studium

It focuses on the import and distribution of books of art, novels, poetry, biographies, texts and educational materials from publishers of Spain, Argentina, United States and England.


Address: República OE3-131 between Mañosca and América. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 331 8664 / 225 7549 / Fax: (+593-2) 331 7909

Email: plazamayor@studium.ec
Comisariato del Libro

It’s one of the most important chains of the city. It has for sale: books, student’s books in general, stationery, school supplies and Office texts.


Address: Occidental 10-65 and Manuel Valdivieso, Sector Pinar Alto. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 227 0316 / Fax: (+593-2) 227 0699 Ext. 229
Email: edinun@edinun.com

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