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This movie theater is one of the busiest of the capital. When it began its activities in Ecuador, it introduced services like love seats (seats for couples), digital sound, and the latest technology in film screenings, variety of products in the snack bar as well as the classic pop corn and soda. Cinemark also established the days of discount and promotions dedicated to customers who visit it. Among the multiple services offered by Cinemark are: a phone number dedicated to information about films and schedules, pre sale of tickets, sale of tickets by phone. In addition, you can celebrate your birthday, with multiple packages at your choice including invitations, surprises, snack, etc. It is also possible to buy prepaid tickets at a lower price than the normal price of the tickets, they are the SUPER SAVERS that are sold in packs of 10 tickets and can be used any day of the week, time and film.


Address: América and Naciones Unidas Avenue, Plaza de las Américas. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 226 0301

Email: servicioalcliente@cinemark.com.ec

This is a chain of cinemas, one of the largest and most modern in the country, with large complexes to enjoy the latest films, independent cinema and art film. Offer the best selection of films with image and sound leading-edge technology, as well as providing all the convenience, fun and a service customized for all clients. It offers 3D rooms, VIP places, plus the option to celebrate birthdays.


Address: San Luís Avenue and Isla Santa Clara, San Luís Shopping, 213 – 2nd level Quito, Ecuador.

Telephone: (+593-2) 209 0015 / 209 0100

It starts running in Ecuador since 1996 having as objective the commercial exploitation of films through multiplex complex of modern technology with an establishment of four rooms located at the Northern Center of Quito. It currently has three rooms, two in the North of Quito and one in the South.


Address1: Av. Amazonas and Naciones Unidas, Centro Comercial Iñaquito (CCI). Quito, Ecuador.
Address2: Av. Mariscal Sucre and Av. John F. Kennedy, El Condado Shopping. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 380 2195 / 96 / 97 / 98 / 99

Email: mercadeo@multicines.com.ec / sugerencias@multicines.com.ec

This cinema is located in the Valley, few minutes from Quito. In it you can enjoy the latest films that occupy the billboards in the world of cinema.


Address: Centro Comercial Ventura Mall, Via Tumbaco. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 237 7709

Ocho y Medio

It is a complex of cinema rooms and performing arts, that exhibit and promotion films from all over the world, and international performing arts. Permanently displays the so-called contemporary art movie premieres, classic films, Ecuadorian and Latin American cinema, organizing retrospectives, thematic exhibitions and independent cinema.


Address: Valladolid N24-353 and Vizcaya, La Floresta. Quito, Ecuador.

Telephone: (+593-2) 290 4720 / 21
Sala de cine Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco

This movie theater is part of Casa de la Culltura Ecuatoriana (House of Ecuadorian culture) and is administered by CINEMATECA. The Cinematheque is a living archive, which not only kept the films, but it promotes research, education and outreach, as ongoing activities. In addition, specializes in the dissemination of works of universal films (classic and contemporary), especially with the heritage images of the country and Latin America. The cinema gives priority to the exhibition of films dealing with cultural diversity, seeking to lift the level of critical appreciation of spectators; and also, the incentive of education through images and thus strengthen ethical and aesthetic values.


Address: Patria and 6 de diciembre Avenue, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Edificio de los Espejos. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 290 2272 / 252 5679 / 222 3392

Email: info@cce.org.ec

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