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Mama Cuchara is a legendary area of Quito; it is the end of Rocafuerte street down from the Plaza Santo Domingo. This is located in the neighborhood of La Loma Grande, at the eastern end of the Historic Downtown.


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Mama Cuchara name comes from the way that the end of this road has:  it ends in a small circle thus resembling the typical "Mama Cuchara” (“mom scoops") that are large wood spoons traditionally used in the Ecuadorian cuisine.


In the center of the ring is a bust of one of the most important heroes of Ecuador, José Mejía. It is surrounded by the Fire Department with the remodeled command center and the building of the old Pasteur Clinic which now is the Mama Cuchara Cultural Center.


This cultural center was created in 1995 in order to become a public space for artistic and cultural expressions in Quito, specifically in the downtown. Since its beginning it has hosted several groups such as: Quito Metropolitan Symphonic Band, Ensamble de Guitarras de Quito, Coro Mixto Ciudad de Quito, the group Yavirac, Andean Instruments Orchestra, plus thirty-three village bands from different parishes of Quito. Currently have been integrated the National Lyric Company, Trio Pambil,  Grupo de Danza Contemporánea, El Arrebato, the group Teatro Popular Eclipse Solar, and the list keeps growing. It’s currently administered by the Fundación Teatro Nacional Sucre.


Furthermore, this space is used for the coordination of Loma Grande neighborhood and offer workshops for residents. The building is also appropriate to offer the musical arrangements and composition workshop “Taller de Arreglos y Composicón”, which has available a music files, recording studio and special rooms for attempt. It also has the Garzon Raul Guzman Auditorium with a capacity of 250 people. Here the groups of the cultural center exhibit their work. The auditorium is open to any artist or artistic group in general. The auditorium also works as a movie theater. In the auditorium are usually performed several films exhibitions, especially the so-called art cinema, auteur cinema and film workshops.


More Information:
Phone: (+5932) 258 1328 / 258 1329 / 258 4594



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Mama Cuchara in Quito is one of the most known and legendary neighborhoods in the city. It is located in central-eastern sector of the city.


The building that now houses the Cultural Center was at the beginning of the last century Pasteur Clinic.


You can find it at 506 Rocafuerte Street and Luis Felipe Chavez in the neighborhood of La Loma Grande.

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