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“Antiguo Hospital Militar”, old Military Hospital in Quito is now the Contemporary Art Center of the city which offers new exhibit spaces for painting, theater, dance, sculpture, photography, visual and digital arts, performances and other artistic expressions.


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The historic building where currently is located the Contemporary Art Center, had many uses since its construction in the early twentieth century. It was built by resolution of the President Eloy Alfaro, in order to be a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. The hospital had this role until 1922 when it became a military barracks. Then started the War of Four Days in which 2,000 people die. After that this building was occupied by supporters of Neptalí Bonifaz (president deposed by Congress at that time) in 1932. Two years later it started to take its role as a military hospital, it lasted until 1979.


During the mentioned year, the building had already advanced damages. Government offices worked there for a short time. Then the offices became home of homeless people, close to 45 families. In 2006 started the negotiations with these families by the Municipio for their eviction.


In the following year began the building remodeling until 2008 when it was opened with the name "El Bicentenario," this in remembrance of the creation of Primera Junta Soberana de Gobierno, First Sovereign Government Committee on South American soil, on August 10th, 1809.


The building has several pavilions and exhibition halls, it provides new museum technologies for different types of exposures. It also has a coffee shop and a bookstore. Soon there will be a library, media center, auditorium and stores.


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The building of the old military hospital in Quito is open to the public; entry is free, although the cost of access to the displays may change.


Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito is located in the area of San Juan, Luis Davila street and Venezuela, Mejia College back in the center-west of Quito.


The museum hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 9h00 to 16h30.

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