The Archbishop's Palace
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Archbishop's Palace is located in the heart of Quito old-town, and city's colonial quarter, in Plaza Grande. This palace is one of several options to visit in this area of the city.


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Since the arrival of the Spanish conqueror in Quito, the Catholic religion has played a prime influence in the life of the city. On January 8th, 1545, Pope Paul III erected the new Diocese of San Francisco de Quito, which was in charge of a Bishop. The bishop and his assistants lived in different houses around the church of the Cathedral. The Archbishop's Palace was the residence of the bishop since 1700 and was rebuilt in 1858 and between 1975 and 1978.

The Archbishop's Palace is located in front of Plaza Grande, at the opposite side of the Cathedral and next to the Palace of Government. It is the seat of religious authority and residence of the Bishop since the sixteenth century and one of the oldest buildings in the city, although it has been modified over time.

The Archbishop's Palace, as part of Plaza Grande in Quito, is the perfect place to observe the day-to-day running of Quito. This is a unique place and you'll never find this place without people walking, or the elderlies sitting. This place is the representation of all, a bit of what the inhabitants of Quito are.

Today, part of the building works for different function: around its courtyards operate several restaurants, coffee shops, craft shops, galleries and internet.

This new role of the Archbishop's Palace allows visitors to taste delicious dishes for every taste and pocket. The first floor houses some fast food places, a restaurant specialized in seafood and other offering lunches (for $ 3.50) and more menu options.

On the first floor is the Café Del Fraile, lunch and à la carte dishes are offered in an average of 6 USD. Upstairs, the restaurant Mea Culpa is one of the best in the downtown and the city, with a gourmet menu. From there, guests can admire the Plaza Grande, a romantic space especially at night. In the restaurant the dishes average value is 10 to 16 USD and the dress code is formal.


Also on the second floor is located the restaurant Hasta la Vuelta Señor, an excellent option to enjoy Ecuadorian and international dishes with prices around U.S. $ 7 per entree.


The Archbishop's Palace is located in the street Chile and Venezuela, in the colonial town of Quito.

For more information:

Telephone: (+5932) 295 9632


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The Archbishop's Palace in Quito was built in 1700. It limits with the Plaza Grande or Plaza de la Independencia.

It has hosted of one the most influential institutions of the colonial era to the present day in the city of Quito: Archbishop's headquarter.


Inside there are several shops that offer different services, but especially there are restaurants and a very famous “Sanduchería”.

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