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This attraction is located 13.5 km. from Quito, was owned by the Government of Pichincha Province and is practically a tourist and commercial city, the smallest of Ecuador.


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The origins of Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo back to the First Geodesic Mission which came to our country for the purpose of study and determine the exact curvature of the planet. This mission, managed by the French scientist Charles Marie de la Condamine, and the Ecuadorian scientist Pedro Vicente Maldonado, determined by where the equator crossed.


Although this mission never set foot in the place where now the Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo is, two hundred years later, the Ecuadorian geographer Luis Tufiño gave the idea to the Franco-American Committee to build a monumento to the Geodesic Mission. A ten-meter high structure was done, identical to the existing monument of the Equator, in the city of San Antonio de Pichincha, the same that is at the east of the tourist attraction we speak about.


 By 1979, the current monument and the city around construction began. The monument above was moved 7 km. west to the city of Calacalí and construction of the entire resort finalized in 1982.


Currently the entrance fee is $ 2 for adults and $ 1 for children, elderly and disabled. There is parking available to all visitors, it costs $ 1.50 with no time limit. Students from pre-primary, primary and secondary have free entry Monday through Friday. Office hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00, Friday to Sunday and holidays from 9.00 to 19.00.


Its main attraction is the monument to the Equator. The current monument is 30 meters high and it houses the Ethnographic Museum of the Equator, which displays different exposures of all ethnicities and cultures that live in Ecuador.


This museum is continuously updated in collaboration with the Banco Central del Ecuador. The entrance fee is $ 2.00 adults, $ 1.00 children and $ 3.00 foreign.


In the Middle of the World there are four permanent exhibition pavilions. Guayasamín Pavilion has an exhibition of the Oswaldo Guayasamin paintings.  He was a famous Ecuadorian painter. It also has a sample of cultural property from Ecuador: pieces of pre-Columbian art, colonial art and the School of Quito, Caspicara, Pampite, among others. These cultural assets, heritage of Ecuador, are in charge of the Guayasamin Foundation, created in 1977 by the Master and his sons, who are responsible for keeping it now.


Another is the French pavilion, where the French Geodesic Museum is located. This displays all the information of the Geodesic Mission studies and information of the Academy of Sciences of Paris. There's also the Sun Pavilion, which provides information about the cities of Guayaquil and Cuenca, both Ecuador's major cities apart from the capital, Quito.


Other tourist attraction is the Planetarium, as well as a permanent miniature model of whole colonial Quito, and recently is working the Insectarium: Prime Entomological Museum of Ecuador, where is collecting all the immense and diverse existing Ecuadorian entomofauna. There are exhibits of live insects and dissected insects.


In addition to these permanent attractions, weekends and holidays are always presented music festivals, dance performances and other artistic expressions are organized in the town square.


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Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo, is just an hour from Quito. This place is one of the most tourist attractions and a much visited place in the country.


To get to Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo you should take the Metrobus system to the north of Quito. In the final bus stop, The Ofelia, you should take the bus Mitad Del Mundo "Half the World", which for a few cents will let you at the entrance.


Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo is open from Monday to Thursday from 09h00 to 18h00, and from Friday to Sunday from 09h00 to 19h00. The entry fee is $ 2.00 USD.


Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo has museums, souvenir shops and souvenirs, plus several artistic events on weekends.

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