Carondelet – Government Palace
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The Government Palace is one of the most important attractions of Quito’s downtown. It’s the Government Palace, residence and official workplace of the Republic of Ecuador President.


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This infrastructure was built during the nineteenth century by the President of the “Real Audiencia de Quito”, Royal Audience of Quito, Baron de Carondelet, hence its name. In addition to its architecture, one of the points of interest is a mural painted by the Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamin. The mural is at the entrance to the Palace and portrays the arrival of the spanish expedition in time of the Conquest, to the Amazon River on February 12th, 1542.


A constant throughout most of the palace building, in material terms, is wood. Dozens of different types of wood have been used over the years both on floors and in ceiling, and of course in the elegant antique furniture.


Several paintings decorate the Ecuadorian Government House; among them are works by Tamayo, Rafael Salas, Cevallos, Atahualpa Villacrés, Thoret, Oswaldo Viteri, Marco Salas and Jaime Zapata. Several of them go to the portraits of the presidents in the Salón Amarillo, Yellow Room.


Carondelet Palace is located in the western side of the Main Square, Plaza Grande or Plaza de la Independencia, in Garcia Moreno Street between the streets Chile (north), Espejo (south) and Benalcázar (West).


Whereas Carondelet Palace and its agencies are Ecuadorian Cultural Heritage since 2007, the Government compound became a museum open to all who want to visit it. However, in previous administrations it was also possible to visit some areas of the Palace, and freely cross the parapet.


For this purpose, areas were organized to locate the objects according to their cultural contexts in order to make them accessible to the sight of all. In order to do this, several rooms and spaces inside the Palace were used.


The visit takes 45 minutes and includes the main rooms of the palace, including a gilded altar, the living portraits of the presidents of Ecuador and the inner courtyards and a section that showcases the presents received by the leaders, among contained the works of Colombian artist Fernando Botero, sculptures of different materials, typical clothing, saddles and embroideries.


For more information of this important tourist place in Quito we present the official page of Ecuador's Government Palace.


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Government Palace in Quito, Ecuador, is located in the downtown, next to the Main Square, Plaza Grande or Plaza de la Independencia.


Carondelet Palace opens its doors to tourism activities from Monday to Friday from 09h30 to 13h00 and from 15h00 to 17h00.


The entrance fee to the Palace of Government has no cost.

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