templo de la patria / Homeland temple
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"Templo de la Patria" is one of the major museums in Quito.


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This museum brings to mind the epic achievement of May 24th, 1822 when the Cabildo of Quito gave the final battle for freedom from Spanish power. The match took place precisely in this area, the slopes of the Pichincha volcano. That's why this place was called Cima de la Libertad, summit of Freedom.


During the presidency of José Luis Tamayo, 1920, to commemorate this event, his government raised an obelisk in the place where the fighting took place to remember the soldiers and famous people who participated in the liberation of Ecuador and America as Antonio Jose de Sucre and Simon Bolivar. But only until 1975 the Army Corp of Engineers took the design of Milton Barragan architect and began the construction of the museum Templo de la Patria, Temple of the country, in the site where the fighting occurred.


The museum is made of five rooms. In the first we can find through the murals a historical journey from indigenous people, the establishment of the Kingdom of Quito, as well as the Spain colony, to remember “El primer grito de la Independencia, when Quito declares  independence from Spain,  on August 10th , 1809.


The second room is called “Sala de la Llama”. In this place lies the urn wich contains the remains of the Unknown Soldier. He rests on a stone pedestal that has, sculpted the main chorus of the national anthem of Ecuador.


The third room is called “La Sala de Armas”. This room features a collection of weapons used in libertarian battles: swords, daggers, spearheads and Colombian and Spanish troop’s rifles.


The fourth room is called “Sala Histórica”. This room shows a model that explains the development of the Battle of Pichincha.


The fifth room is called “Sala de los Libertadores”. The two characters who led the pursuit of freedom of America, Simon Bolivar and Antonio Jose de Sucre, are represented in bronze statues.


To reach the museum “Templo de la Patria” esplanade, you can use two types of urban transport in Quito downtown. These buses that get down the streets García Moreno and Chile are:  “Coperativa Altamira”, which goes to summit of Liberty or the bus Jesus Del Gran Poder, that also goes to the Cima de la Libertad.


Templo de la Patria official contact:

Telephone: (+ 593 2) 228 8733


you should know this

Templo de la Patria is one of the few monuments / museums that can be seen from anywhere in the downtown, this due to its location on the slopes of the Pichincha volcano.


Museum hours are Tuesday to Friday from 9h00 to 17h00 and Saturdays from 10h00 to 14h00.


The entrance fee is $ 1.00 USD for foreign visitors and $ 0.25 for children and seniors.


To reach “Templo de la Patria”, also called La Cima de la Libertad, read the final paragraph of this guide.


For your safety, we recommend visiting this place in the company of a tour guide, not alone, and if it’s possible use a private car.

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