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Quito offers a wide variety of tourist places to come and go. The places tell us about the history of Quito, its widespread culture, beliefs and diversity. The places tell us about its life styles, single daily, nights, enjoyment options and its assets.

At your right is the menu with the different tourist attractions of Quito, divided by areas.  A large wider description is given to the Downtown in the central area which is better known as the Historical Center or Colonial Town of Quito. It is the reason why Quito was declared Prime World Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO.


At the northern you will find a variety of tourist attractions, like the small town of Mindo and the vast Cloud Forest surrounding it; the touristic Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (the Middle of the World city) and going to the center of the city, passing through the center of entertainment and festivities in Quito, you will reach the limit where ends the modern city and begins the ancient city of Quito.


In contrast, in the southern sector you will find the train station of Quito, the Interactive Museum of Science and the legendary Teatro Mexico, all located at the south, which is known for its rapid movement of small shops, the river Machángara, parks and ravines.


To find out other attractions in Quito, please visit our entertainment section.

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