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The “Museo Del Banco Central del Ecuador” has the richest and most complete permanent exhibition of the intricate, diverse and unfinished Ecuadorian identity.


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The Museum has a complete tour, beginning with remains of the first inhabitants of what now is the Ecuadorian country until modern and contemporary paintings.


In the opening sections are exhibited archaeological pre-Inca cultures: basic tools made of stone and obsidian that eventually were replaced by more sophisticated tools of stone and ceramics. From this period are exhibited elaborate pieces of ceramics. They are expressions of the past that come to live in sculptures, masks and ritual tools that tell us about their way of thinking, of considering the world and life. Similarly, are exhibited the different Incas artifacts. These remains are the expression of a past that lies dormant, almost forgotten, but not lost, in current Ecuador.


Spanish conquest started, with it came the establishment of the colony. This stage is reflected in the tour of the museum and leads to the next display, La Escuela Quiteña, the Quito art’s School. This time was of great artistic production, creating a syncretism between the Spanish Catholicism and the indigenous myth. Numerous paintings and sculptures of Jesus, virgin and saints occupy this part of the exhibit.


The exhibition gives a gradual transition to what would be the Republican art, reflecting a time of political changes and struggles for independence. And little by little is introduced the exhibition of modern and contemporary art.


Besides the permanent exhibition, there are two rooms where eventually archaeological exhibitions and art exhibitions are done for free.


Besides this, the Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador offers tours in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. There are guides specialized in History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Art. Also interactive guided tours for children and adolescents are given, with reservation. In the same way (with reservation) video projections of Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Ethnography, Sociology, Ecology, Children, Tourism, Architecture and Urban Planning, Biology, colonial and modern art, are offered. As well as educational workshops on Virtual Archaeology (Preceramic, Formative, Regional Development, Integration and Inca) Ethnic and Cultural Diversity (Living Cultures) are exhibited. There is also a cultural store with books, catalogs, postcards, CD's published by the Institution, crafts, for sale.


Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador / Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana:
Telephone: (+5932) 2223 258 / 2223 259


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This museum is one of the largest in the country, especially valuable for important remains that compose it and for being one of the most complete in Ecuador.


The cost of entry to the Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador is $ 2 USD for adults.
$ 1 USD for students.
$ 0.25USD for high school students, children and seniors.
$ 0.10 for children from rural schools.
Disabled people don´t pay.


It’s opening from Tuesday to Friday from 09h00 to 17h00 and Sunday from 10h00 to 16h00. El Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador is located in the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Patria Avenue between 12 de Octubre and 6 de Diciembre street.

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