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The Man’s Chapel, Capilla del hombre, is an emblematic tribute work conceived by the famous Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín.


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La Capilla del hombre can be described as an architectural and artistic work dedicated to Latin American people over time. The Man’s Chapel began as a tribute, eventually becoming the current cultural complex which houses archaeological and artistic collections of Ecuador.  


La Capilla del hombre is located in the hill Guangüiltagua, bordering the Metropolitan Park and just off one of its entries. The address is Lorenzo Chavez EA18-143 and Mariano Calvache, corner, in the Bellavista area.


This large complex began as the Casa Taller Guayasamín, home and workplace of the painter. It has a section that displays some of the archaeological artifacts, colonial art and contemporary art collected throughout his life. The other areas of the studio- house are going to open to show to the public the different spaces in which the master Guayasamín lived and worked.


 In the courtyard of Casa Taller is the Tree of Life which is the tomb of the master Guayasamín. His remains are protected under the shade of the tree that he planted long ago.


In 1985 Guayasamín conceived the idea of La Capilla del Hombre. Three years later he receives financial support from UNESCO, which described the project as "the largest cultural significance project in the region." Thus, UNESCO declared it as a priority project for culture.


La Capilla del Hombre is a symbolic building that wants to evoke the cult of humanity through the exhibition of the most outstanding paintings of the master (more than thousand), several specifically created for this purpose, others belonging to his most famous series like: " La lucha del indio” (The Indian Struggle,) "La Edad del Llanto" (The Age of Tears), "La Edad de la ira" (The Age of Wrath) and  "La Edad de la Ternura"( The Age of Tenderness) " On the ground floor lies the Eternal Flame: fire located in the middle of a large metal plate symbolizing the eternal prayer for peace and human rights.


The same day the master died, on March 10, 1999, in the gardens of the cultural complex, to continue the temple building, excavations found pre-Inca archaeological vestiges. They form the Archaeological Museum Site right now.


Was also constructed a museum in which visitors can appreciate the work of Guayasamín, besides being a bridge to the other exhibits in the cultural complex. The building also has a cafe-restaurant, a library, an auditorium, Guayasamín Workshop stores (the ones that finance the Foundation) and parking.


Guayasamín Museum / Chapel of Man:
Phone: (+5932) 244 8492
Fax: (+5932) 333 0723
E-mail: /



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The Museum exhibits the work of the famed painter Oswaldo Guayasamín, conveying its message to all those who visit it.


The fee to La Capilla del Hombre is $ 3 USD for adults; $ 2 for students; $ 1.50 USD for over 65 years; . Children under 11 don’t pay.


The museum is located at the north-east of Quito, Guangüiltagua sector, near the Parque Metropolitano. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10h00 to 17h00.

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