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In the heart of Quito is the “Casa-Museo Maria Augusta Urrutia”. This place commemorates the life of the aristocrat renowned lady whose name had been given to the museum.


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María Augusta Urrutia was born in 1901 and died in 1987, descendant from the landowners and the aristocrat Pio Montúfar. She was orphaned at her three years old. She inherited several estates, both in Quito and Machachi. With 20 years old he married and then she received the House 760 as a wedding gift from her husband's family. Later her husband died, in 1931. They never had a child, that’s why Urrutia began a life dedicated to charity.


In the House 760 she began receiving some street children, making this small house a dining room and play center. To expand its charitable work in 1939 she was determined to create the Mariana de Jesus Foundation, which currently manages the museum.


With the creation of this foundation, and the link Urrutia always had with the Society of Jesus, she gave her farm properties to charities and religious organizations. As a result, the Solanda estate went to the  Banco Ecuatoriano de Vivienda,  for the construction of houses to the homeless: La Gasca estate was used to the building of the Seminary, the Rumipamba estate was used to build the Jesuit High school: San Gabriel.


In its lower limit was created La Carolina Park (named in memory of Maria Augusta Urrutia Aunt, the previous landowner of this area). In Machachi, the farms were given to Jesuits. The bulk of the revenues of the estates of Maria Augusta Urrutia went to the work of the Foundation.  In adittion  she was the patron of the painter Victor Mideros, from Ibarra.


Thus, the current House 760 was restored and now presents the house as María Augusta used to have it in the early twentieth century.  The museum displays a large collection of "modern” household items for the time, as well as decorative pieces from the late nineteenth century, european furniture and art pieces that give you an idea about the refined tastes that lady from Quito had. It also has a permanent exhibition of 78 pieces of the artist Victor Mideros.



Telephone: (+5932) 2580-103 / 2584-174


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The Casa-Museo María Augusta Urrutia is in Garcia Moreno 760 between Sucre and Bolivar streets.


The places of the House- Museum are offered for different events, intimate concerts, conferences, exhibitions and workshops for children. The House Museum offers guided tours in English and Spanish.


It’s open Tuesday to Saturday from 10h00 to 18h00 and Sundays from 09h30 to 17h00

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