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The Interactive Museum of Science (MIC) in Quito is located in one of the traditional neighborhoods of the capital of Ecuador: Chimbacalle neighborhood. It is the only place where it’s forbidden not to touch.


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Opened in December 2008, this space offers an innovative alternative to the classical model in front of the museum, where is proved that science isn’t boring, not at all. 


A variety of interactive devices, playful modules, scale models, real animals and scale animals, etc, are the different elements that the Interactive Museum of Science has. All these are scattered in different rooms and tours offered by the museum to all visitors.


One of the first showrooms is La Mente, the mind, space for a variety of interactive elements that appeal the game and knowledge. Here you can learn about the human brain (there is even a real one shown), plays with perception and challenges spatial and mathematics ability, both kids and adults.


Another showroom is the Expo Ludion, done for children between 9 and 13 but also appropriate for all audiences. In this part of the museum is explain the physics in motion, we talk about mechanics, electromagnetism, Energy and Silmes Machines, but from an interactive approach where each phenomenon is explained through sport.


At the moment, the Interactive Museum of Science is at the stage of reinvention, however visitors are welcome to explore the museum, they can learn about this restructuring and they can participate in the reinventing process of the MIC.


The Interactive Museum of Science is located in the south of Quito, specifically in the street Tababela SO1-60 and Antonio de Larrota. To get to this place you can take trolebus and get off at Chimbacalle station, near the old train station, and you will be guided by the road signs from the corner of Pedro Vicente Maldonado and Sincholagua.


For more information about the Interactive Museum of Science (MIC) in Quito:

Telephone: (+5932) 261 7141 Ext. 122



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Interactive Museum of Science (MIC) is at Tababela SO1-60 and Antonio de la Torre streets, Chimbacalle neighborhood at the south of Quito.


To go to the museum we suggest to be guided by the following map.


The Museum's opening hours are: from Wednesday to Sunday from 9h00 to 17h00 (last admission at 16.00).


The museum is closed on January 1, May 1 and December 25.


For now, the cost of entry to the MIC is $ 1 USD.


The last Wednesday of each month admission is free from 12h00.

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