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Sucre’s Home in Quito was the residence of Marshal Antonio Jose de Sucre, who led the last battle against the Spanish Empire in the Pichincha volcano on May 24, 1822.


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Born in Venezuela, Sucre was a masterpiece in the consolidation of South American Liberty from Spanish oppression.


It’s known that Sucre really liked Quito, for this reason married with a woman from here, Mariana Carcelén, Solanda Marquise. Then, in 1828, he acquired the ownership of the current streets Sucre and Venezuela, and established his home there.


Two years later he was murdered in Colombia, returning from one of the meetings where they discussed the collapse of Gran Colombia, Republic in that time encompassed the current nations of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

It’s said that if he arrived alive to Quito, Sucre had been proclaimed the first President of the Republic of Ecuador. For these reasons, the former national currency had the name of "Sucre".


Anyway, his residence in Quito is a latent testimony of Marshall's life and the agitated changing times of the Republican period. This house and museum has on display various sections among which are the weapons room, clothing room, the chapel, kitchen, desk, bedroom, etc. The second floor has been remodeled so that it reflects how was when the Marshall Sucre still alive.


Tourist Information Center:

Phone: (+5932) 2952 860


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La Casa de Sucre is a key Tourist Information Point in the historic center of Quito, and offers a major museum exhibition too.


It was the home of Marshal Antonio Jose de Sucre, an important figure in the history of Ecuador and Latin America. Located in the streets Sucre and Venezuela, in the center of Quito, it´s open Tuesday to Friday from 8h00 to 16h00 and Saturdays from 8h30 to 13h00.

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