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Yaku means "water" in Kichwa, indigenous ancestral language. This museum aim is to educate and raise awareness about water use and management.


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Yaku, Water Park and Museum in Quito is a place that seek for the visitor’s education about the importance of the resource and collective heritage that water is. In addition to be a fundamental element of nature is non-renewable source of life; has a historical and mythical load, and is fundamental and absolutely important for humanity.


The Water Park and Museum was built on the first tanks of water collection and purification of Quito which catered water to the city since 1913. Built in the neighborhood of El Pleasure, it’s called in this way because its history. Some researches tell us that in this area was located the rest Palace of Inca Huayna Capac or as the chroniclers of the colony called, the "Palace of Pleasure of the Inca". It is supposed that it consisted of yards, ponds, pools and gardens. And is quite possibly both the Spanish Conquest and the "progress" of the city destroyed the complex using their materials for other buildings or simply building on it.


Over time this neighborhood became a source of other pleasures. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the upper classes in Quito had their country houses in this sector, used to go in holidays. Finishing this century and entering the next century this whole area turned into a haven for the bohemian life, hidden and banned from Quito, have different pubs, bars, dance halls, brothels, etc.. Today, with the creation of Yaku, Parque-Museo del Agua, is rescued the history of this neighborhood to develop as a place of educational entertainment.


This museum-park offers three permanent exhibitions, which are not only educational but also interactive and recreational activities. The first exhibit is called "Agua Viva" and teaches about the different natural and chemical characteristics of water, the second is called "Agua que crea" and explains the biological significance of this liquid to the creation and existence of life, and the third called "Nuestra agua" which demonstrates the relationship between water and humans.


Furthermore is the museum in situ that shows the old dump tanks and water purification of the year 1913. Another exhibit is called "Agua llega a mi casa," which shows the entire process of collection, purification, distribution and disposal of water with emphasis on the responsibility that citizens have with this resource.


One of its most attractive exhibits is the Bubble Room, Cuarto de Burbujas, where fun and interactive demonstrate physical and chemical properties of water enveloping the participant in creating giant soap bubbles,  walls  bubbles, even you have the opportunity to enclose a participant into a bubble.


Besides these attractions, there are temporary displays, both artistic and scientific about water and its preservation and importance. Also, every Sunday at noon (12:00) a diverse artistic program is offered to the general public, it includes dance, theater and music.


To go to Yaku you can take the bus: Sistema Integrado Metrobus Q, or just called Metro. At the station "Seminario Mayor" in America and Colon Avenue, you have to take the feeder bus route "El Pleasure", this will drop you off right at the door. For other routes of access you can check the following guide: how to arrive.


For more information of  the Museo Parque del Agua Yaku:
E-mail: comunicacion@yakumuseoagua.gov.ec

Website: www.yakumuseoagua.gob.ec


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The Yaku Water Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday 9h00-17h00. The entrance fee is $ 3 USD for general public, $ 2 for more than 12 years students and $ 1 for children between 3 to 11 and adults over 65 years.

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