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Mindo is a small town in the middle of the cloud forest at the northwest of the Canton San Miguel de Los Bancos.


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19.200 protected hectares are surrounding Mindo making it one of the most bio diverse places on the planet besides being a very popular place for birdwatchers. It is just two hours from Quito by bus, a little less by car.


Go to Mindo is not hard, there is a bus route that takes you directly from Quito to Mindo. The transport operator is called "Flor del Valle - Cayambe," the cost of one-way fare is $ 2.50 and is suggested to buy the return ticket at the moment you arrive at the town, in the offices of the bus stop, because the tickets often run out soon.


These buses leave from North Station Metrobus Q "La Ofelia", the last north station of this transport system. You get Single tickets there. We suggest that the ticket purchase be made in advance, especially in holidays and weekends because these days are the busiest days at Mindo.


Monday to Friday, buses leave Quito at 8h00, 9h00 and 16h00. Saturdays depart at 7h40, 8H20, and 4h00 9h20. On Sundays and holidays depart at 7h40, 8H20, 9h20 and 1h45.


The timetable for the return are: Monday to Friday at 6h30 and 14h00, Saturdays at 6h30, 14h00, 15h30 and 17h00, Sundays and holidays at 6h30, 14h00, 15h00, 16h00 and 17h00.


Another way to arrive at Mindo is to take in Quito any bus that goes to Bancos and ask to be left in "Y" of Mindo; this is the access from the main road to Mindo. The way down is winding and quite long so it is recommended to take the trucks often park in that place, typically charge $ 3 a trip to Mindo, so if you go with a good number of people it will be lower cost per head . Otherwise, there is always the possibility of hitchhiking to any other truck down to Mindo, although not very frequent. Similarly, you can return to Quito.


In Mindo, near the bus stop, you will find a Tourist Information Center, just diagonal to the central square. There tourist guides can tell you about different activities you can do in Mindo and surroundings; among which the main ones are: observation of birds, insects and butterflies, visit orchid farms, hiking, rafting, sailing (trip on float river below, pure emotion), Kanopi (crossing the top of one hill to another slide in a steel cable through a pulley, a unique experience), concert of frogs and toads, and above all, enjoy pure nature, preserved rainforest , beautiful landscapes of the subtropical jungle, one of the few places in the world where pollution still doesn’t causes damage. Most of these activities take place outside the town, its surroundings, but are available from local guides in the center of Mindo.


Concern to lodging, can be found cheap hostels or luxury resorts. There are prices for all budgets, from basic amenities to luxury amenities, including guided tours, trekking and other adventure attractions and extreme sports activities.


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Mindo is one of the favorite destinations in Ecuador for been a lush cloud forest nature. Mindo is just two hours from Quito. In the north of the Metrobus station (La Ofelia) you can take the bus to Mindo, Flor Del Valle Bus Company.


When you get to Mindo is advisable to buy your return ticket.


Mindo is also famous for extreme sports, and is one of the best places for birdwatching around the world.


In addition, this village belongs to the Mindo-Nambillo Ecological Reserve, one of many protected areas in Ecuador.

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