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Quito Zoo is located in the valley of Guayllabamba, is the most diverse zoo of animals in Ecuador.


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Six hectares, twelve in total, more than 50 different species occupy the zoo which is administered by the Fundación Zoológica del Ecuador, Zoological Foundation of Ecuador NGO.


Animals living in Quito Zoo come from different places. The first and oldest were members of the Amazon Zoo of Colegio Militar Eloy Alfaro, which was transformed and moved to current Guayllabamba Zoo in 1997. These include lions, some espectacled bears, the famous Galapagos tortoises and condors (the largest bird in the world).


The family has grown, they are 250 animals and 56 species, and some are the result of exchanges with other zoos and most are animals rescued from trafficking. This is a very serious problem for Ecuador because, being owner of a great biodiversity in all its territory (especially in the Amazon), unscrupulous people have done business with the indiscriminate sale of exotic animals especially towards the exterior. Thus put at risk of extinction a large number of animals of the coast, mountains, freshwater, and especially the Amazon region.


The zoo has several exhibitions in their self-guided trails. It has both amphibians such as reptiles, birds, mammals and other animals around the world. It also has specific attractions such as The Puddle of the Frogs, the section of Marsupials, Animal House Night, Trails Andean Forest and Dry Forest, a Children's Farm and Visitor Center.


For the different spaces you can book a guided tour for groups up to 25 people. There are special activities for the forest trails and you can book and schedule conferences on environmental care and biodiversity in Ecuador, and workshops are offered on weekends.


The Zoo is located half an hour from the city, the road is signage and the place has parking. Otherwise you can take a bus at the North Station Metrobus Q, the bus have to go to Guayllabamba. You can take either the Cooperative Flor del Valle or Pichincha. These two routes will stop at the intersection of the highway and the gateway to the Zoo; this is near yo the town of Guayllabamba. From there you can take a taxi or van (which often act as a taxi) to reach the entrance to the zoo, or go on foot turn on a walk of thirty minutes.


Zoo de Quito / Fundación Zoológica del Ecuador
Telephone: (+5932) 368 900
Website: www.quitozoo.org


you should know this

Quito Zoo is located at the outskirts of the city in the valley of Guayllabamba.


The way to go to the Zoo is somewhat complicated so we suggest you to read the last paragraph of this guide.


Zoo attention schedules are: from Tuesday to Friday, from 8h30 to 16h00, saturdays, sundays and holidays from 9h00 to 16h00.


The fee to the Zoo of Quito is $ 5.50 for adults, $ 4.50 USD for high school and high school students, $ 2.50 USD for the elderly.


Admission is free for disabled and children under 3 years.

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