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La Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana (CCE), Ecuadorian House of Culture, is an independent institution and we can say that is  the most antique.  This one has been entrusted the task of preserving, promoting, encouraging, investigate and spread the art, science and cultural heritage of Ecuador.



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Established  in 1944 by the award-winner essayist Benjamín Carrión, the institution have been known for giving shelter of all forms of cultural expression without excluding popular expressions.

The head office  of this institution, which is properly called the House of Ecuadorian Culture, is located in Quito, in the Patria Avenue between 12 de Octubre Avenue and 6 de Diciembre, in the boundary between the northern sector of the city and the center.

The parent  company has two buildings. The first and oldest is the old house, Casona Vieja, in which operate the administrative offices of the institution, in addition to the show rooms Benjamin Carrión, Jorge Icaza where usually take place several displays of theater, films, workshops or seminars. There are also exhibition rooms Miguel de Santiago, Eduardo Kingman, Oswaldo Guayasamin, Víctor Mideros and Manuel Rendón Seminario; in these rooms are continuously displayed various temporary exhibits of national and international artists.

Next to this building is the first publishing house   of the Casa de la Cultura, the Fondo Editorial Pedro Jorge Vera. In addition, the Prometeo Theatre and the Women's Area, the second have been a space for creation and discussion of gender demands.


The second building is  El Edificio de los Espejos,  the Building of Mirrors, circular building that was completed in 1981, which began to organize the different spaces that now owns. In this building are. the National Theatre Jaime Roldos Aguilera, Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco cinema (open almost all days of the week), the Central Bank National Museum, the Museum of Visual Arts and Music (MAVIM), the Agora, the National Library Eugenio Espejo, La Radio de la Casa de la Cultura, Sala de Artes Escénicas Mariana de Jesús which houses the Frente de Danza Independiente, Cinemateca Nacional de Ecuador, and Demetrio Aguilera Malta Theater. In addition, have been adapted different spaces for different theater groups, arts and literary workshops over time.

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The House of Ecuadorian Culture is recognized as the shelter of all artistic and cultural expressions in Quito.

The House of Ecuadorian Culture is located in the southern limit of the neighborhood La Mariscal, at Patria and 6 de Diciembre Avenue.

Inside there are several workshops: theater, dance, music, painting, literature, as well as cinema and theaters, etc.


Admission to the spaces and exhibits IS free. The different courses offered by Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana are usually free but some cost

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